Summer holidays in Spain: Where to?

Holidays in Spain

Summertime, the living’s easy and we definitely can’t wait! Based on our wanderlust and our love for Spain, choosing a summer destination couldn’t be easier. However, choosing a place for summer holidays in Spain can be a bit baffling as there’s lots of locations and things to see and do. With that in mind, we have decided to put things in perspective in order to make life a bit easier when choosing where to go.


The all-time favourite, Benidorm is essentially what many consider as the ultimate holiday destination in Spain. Be it its great, blue flag awarded beaches, life or activities, holidays in Benidorm are always a treat regardless of deciding on going alone, as a couple or with family. In all holidays in Spain are well represented on this sunny, sandy coast so in case you would like a holiday full of things to do without straying too far from your preferred way of life, Benidorm will certainly have you covered.



First island on the list, Majorca is like a compilation of many natural sceneries. Home to stunning beaches with golden sand washed by the warm Mediterranean Sea, Majorca is a great destination for enjoying watersports and the sun. Its high mountains, pine forests and caves also await for those wishing to venture into the mainland for a change and explore its rich natural beauty. Due to its long occupation by the Moors during the middle ages the island is also full of historic monuments, making holidays in Majorca an all-encompassing experience.



The land of eternal spring, Fuerteventura is amongst the best destinations to visit if you are after the sun sea and sand. Home to more than 125 miles of beaches around its shores, Fuerteventura is brimming with seaside activities to do such as sailing, swimming, jet skiing and diving. Explore its shores and beaches and bring home the best seaside memories after some holidays in Fuerteventura.



The biggest of the Canary Islands is also probably the greatest in terms of choices. Its shores range from golden and black sandy beaches to rocky coves and lagoons, making it a great summer holiday destination. Also home to one of the biggest volcanoes on earth, Mt Teide and impressive mountain ranges, Tenerife never runs out of things to show for those who decide to explore further. If you decide to go for holidays in Tenerife rest assured that the activities on offer will entertain you no matter of what you may be after.



And yes! Another magnificent Canary Island, Lanzarote is a great overall destination. Also home to great beaches and seaside activities, Lanzarote plays host to one of the biggest lava tubes in the world available to explore for the ones who want to take a day off sunbathing on one of its numerous costas. Ideal for diving and surfing, holidays in Lanzarote are all about the sea and sand, making it amongst the best destinations for summer holidays in Spain overall.